Paradigms of computing in the cloud

The new computational modalities have allowed a radical change in the way of doing computing. We will discover the fundamentals and characteristics that make possible the operation of innumerable digital services in the cloud.

The foundations of the world of computing and computing have not changed radically. The elements and principles that make calculations, programs, and computation, in general, have not changed significantly, but have become more powerful and effective. Even so, the disruptions and new models created that are giving way to the rise of cloud computing are simply based on a reorganization of these elements and a new business model to trade these services.

To go into greater detail, we will say that the change that makes this new world possible is based on moving these services from the local to the remote, driven by the advance in communications and the great speed of the internet that can be enjoyed today. In this way, you can trade services that mutually benefit the provider and the customer, even giving rise to new services previously unimaginable.

Many benefits appear when reorganizing computing on remote devices:

The technical responsibility of maintaining the proper functioning of the computer equipment is the owner of these. The data centers are those that have clusters of servers where the computation is made, and, therefore, they must be responsible for the proper functioning and maintenance tasks.

Initial investment:
We no longer have to acquire all the necessary equipment to run computing solutions, whatever they may be because we only need the devices where the interface and the data results will be displayed. This translates directly into lower equipment costs because it does not require large computing power.

In addition to the above situations, it was necessary to have qualified personnel to manage all these components and provide technical support in case of errors and failures. Now it is unnecessary, because the responsibility of the support is the owner of the equipment, so the costs decrease drastically due to these 3 factors.

The radical difference is in the billing model, while in the traditional model equipment and software licenses were purchased, now it is simply paid for use in units of time or computation, but in any case, they make these resources more accessible.

Some of these services in the cloud are:

1: The software:

This indispensable element of commercialization has remained invariant for a long time because the commercial model was always the same: develop a computer solution and sell licenses for local use. Thus, users installed the program or application on their devices and paid only once to be able to use them for life.

It seems somewhat profitable to be perpetual, but the problem appeared when the developer launched a new version with desired improvements, accompanied by the cession of technical support and compatibility of the previous version, so that it is retiring to the software already acquired, which it pushed us to pay for the latest version entering an infinite cycle.

But with the paradigm of Software as a Service ( SaaS for its acronym in English) always available the latest version, since the developer implements these updates without users having to take any action, so we will never have an obsolete software. The obvious disadvantage is that the user of the system no longer has the freedom to choose the version he wants, but must always stick to the last one.

2: Hardware and infrastructure:

While to carry out a particular task requires specific hardware, which we previously had to acquire and implement on our own. Nowadays, we can access virtualized hardware paying only for use ( IaaS ).

In this category, we find many services that allow us to simplify processes and computing tasks such as:

Hosting or web hosting:

If you want to know how to make a blog or another type of web, you should consider this service. It is required of him to provide a website of any magnitude, in such a way that we should not take care of the infrastructure, but pay for the use.

Corporate infrastructure:

Certain corporate tasks require some infrastructure to develop them. In this way, you can create virtual local networks or private cloud to maintain complete control over resources without having to have the necessary equipment and devices.

3: Storage:

To store large volumes of data requires computer equipment with disks that give us the ability to store our information and thus be able to process it. Although a mass storage device is not a great cost to face, there are enormous advantages in the computational model of the cloud (STaaS):

Easy to share:

When we want to send a file to another person, we must take charge of transferring it, and depending on the volume of information it can take a considerable time, even more, if the internet connection is asymmetric. But this is not the case in the cloud since you simply share a link where the file is already available online.

Better accessibility to information:

It is not necessary to configure remote access to your computer since the files are available 24/7 on the internet, which is protected by a password so that only you and the authorized persons can access it.

The possibility of collaboration in teams:

The group dynamic of document editing changes forever. It is no longer necessary to send versions and revisions of the same file by email to all team members. Now the files reside in a remote location and in combination with the SaaS, which benefits you with software in the cloud of editing and processing of text, your team can work on the same document in real time and always updated.

In this way, and simply reordering the processes and ways of managing the data, you can obtain an excellent business model, where the rules are not all given so you can innovate and get everything you need to run your business project.

Why should you change the design of your web page now?

You’ve been spinning the same idea for a while. You do not just convince what you see and, if that were not enough, the results do not accompany. Definitely: do not leave for tomorrow what to change the design of your website.

Reasons to change the design of your web page

If we think about this business portal, there is no time to lose. When you have a project, it is best to go for it and how much earlier, better. When you’ve done it, the best thing is to keep growing and how many fewer obstacles there are along the way, the better. However, sometimes it is inevitable to go through phases of uncertainty where questions arise. Am I doing it right? Could I change something in my strategy? What can I improve?

If the answer is the design, this article interests you because here we are going to tell you the reasons to turn the aesthetics of your project and surprise your (also future) clients.

Because you no longer have the same results as before

If you thought that a web page is eternal, it’s time to change your mind. Even the most functional and perfect, you need optimizations periodically. But, sometimes, it is not enough and that is when a more global modification is required. Changing the design of your website could be the first step to get back to good results and boost your sales. In what state of health is your Call to Actions? And the landings pages surprise those who land on them? What causes the text in the visitors? What do you think of the images?

We do not want to ask you an interrogation but we invite you to ask yourself all these questions. Be honest and recognize if you need to go a step further.

Change of plans

As much as we have a goal for our website, we can always change it. It depends on many factors and it is totally normal. If it is your case, know that you are not the only one who decides to turn around and focus your business in another way. Changing the design of your website is one of the first steps you should take in this new stage.


It is not a magic word but it should be your favorite word. If you have not yet adapted your website to all formats, it is very likely that you are losing sales. The good news is that you have no excuse for not doing so because in the market there are templates available as the best themes of Shopify, which are waiting to be chosen and installed to start surprising you with their features. There are templates for many styles and types of businesses.

Yes, they do it

You too. They are the competition and have decided to surprise the audience. Surely, they suspected that you would also be surprised and not mistaken. Now you have two options: either stay the same or leave them speechless. What do you decide?

There is always news

The design does not take a breath. What is a trend today, tomorrow may not be. That’s why it’s important that you follow the news and take a look at the latest features that you can find in Shopify Template. Even the most indecisive, you will have the certainty that with these templates, the results are guaranteed. In addition, all of them are provided with professional technical support 24/7.

More of the same

Who likes to always see the same thing? It is very easy to get used to the routine but that does not mean that it is what you most want. If for months (or even years) you have not changed the style of your website, now is the time, do not you think?

We have already explained some of the reasons why you should change the design of your website. You could wait for the arrival of the new year and meet new challenges, like everyone else, after all. However, the brave do things when they want. That is, now. A for inspiration!

What do you have to know about an SEM strategy for your online business?

For today’s companies, it is very important to have a strong presence on the Internet. Appearing in the searches of the users of the network is one of the best ways to promote your company. In this way, we gain more visibility and recognition, at the same time as our sales increase. There are different types of ways to promote yourself and reach buyers with a minimum investment. One of the most important is the SEM or advertising in search engines. Here we explain everything you need to know about SEM positioning and how you can apply it to your online business.

What is SEM positioning?

The SEM positioning can be translated into Search Engine Marketing or Marketing in Search Engines. It is the strategy that involves paid advertising campaigns in different search engines with Google leading. SEM positioning uses a method known as PPC, Pay Per Click or pays per click. With this method, the company pays money to the search engine where it will be announced each time one of the users clicks on the message or advertising banner. It also helps us to occupy a better position in the search engines of the network. Google Adwords is the leading platform in this type of campaigns due to its simplicity. In addition, it has an advertising system based on bidding for keywords previously decided.

The words vary in price according to the competition they have and this may increase. The way Google Adwords advertises to us is with advertising before Google’s organic search results. Our ad is marked above as “Ad” or “Advertisement” and reaches more users than would normally arrive. This type of positioning obtains very good results in the short term since the investment is quickly transformed into visits to the web.

Do not confuse it with SEO

It is common for first-time businesses to confuse the SEO and SEM concepts of digital marketing. In spite of that, it is essential to know how to differentiate them and know how they can complement each other. As we have said before when we talk about SEM we refer to the practice of putting advertising on search engines. With the SEM we must pay for each click of the users and the results are short term but in a faster and more advantageous way. The SEO or Search Engine Optimization, however, is a completely different method but as useful as the first. This is responsible for positioning our business in the top positions of the Google results ranking organically. No investment is necessary for this, so it is at the hand of all.

A great way to achieve good positioning is by complementing the two strategies: SEM and SEO. If you only use SEM the results evaporate quickly because it is an expensive service and the results are short term. If on the other hand you only use SEO, it will take much longer than necessary to see the expected results. Therefore, it is best to combine the two strategies to find a medium and stable time positioning.

Things you have to know to choose an SEM strategy for your online business

If we optimize our SEM campaigns well, we generate qualified traffic and we can have higher control of the results. In addition to the analysis of return on investment and speed of execution. However, in order to create a good SEM strategy, you must first do planning to know what type of advertisement you are going to advertise.

Advantages of working an SEM strategy in your online business

Here we leave you the advantages for which we think that choosing an SEM strategy for your business is ideal.

  • · You can spend what you think is convenient and keep it under control. You are the one who decides the budget, the schedule, the date and the place where you want to advertise.
  • · Segmentation will be ideal. Thanks to the integration of the keywords, we can show a user profile with a specific interest. For example, a user writes “Summer clothes Barcelona”, so here we can see a clear trend and location.
  • The speed ​​of the promotion. Your business will not need more than a few hours to define the SEM strategy and positioning. So the promotion of your online business will be fast and effective. This is one of the main advantages of SEM positioning in companies.
  • Monitoring and control. The results of the analyzes will be analyzed depending on various parameters.
  • Configuration depending on your company. In this way, you can filter languages, countries, negative words, etc. This will save you the investment in undesirable or harmful segments for your company.
  • ROI (Return on investment). With the help of cost figures and conversion statistics, you can obtain the ROI that is perceived in the SEM campaigns.

Disadvantages to work an SEM strategy in your online business

SEM positioning charges a payment for each click. The company must make a high investment to be able to maintain it.
The visits will always be based on investment. The results will always be determined by the investment, so the cost varies depending on how well optimized the campaign is.
When you stop investing, the Google campaign is over. Not
You will appear again unless you hire the services again.
50% of companies in Spain correctly invest their money in SEM campaigns. That means that the remaining 50% loses money. Therefore, to avoid reaching these extremes, the ideal would be to hire an SEM positioning professional. The salary of the professional SEM adds one more expense to the advertising investment.
In conclusion, SEM is a good option to improve the positioning and recognition of your website. If this strategy is complemented by an SEO strategy, the promotion of your website will be even better. Leave your positioning in the hands of SEM and SEO and see how your project is a success.

15 Advanced techniques to improve the results of your blog

Overcome the stage of “initial fear” and be clear that you are serious with your blog. There are certain techniques to improve the results of your blog that can propel you towards real business goals. More than techniques, they are ways of working to bring a better appearance to the blog, to know how to measure important metrics and work on them so that, with the same effort, you can increase the tangible results of your project or blog.

Reviewing a basic but key concept for this, what results do you pursue? The most common are the following:

Sale of associated services: Consulting, design services, accounting, programming …
Sale of info products, ebooks, payment webinars …
Obtaining qualified contacts for the sale of more complex services (CRM, personalized software ..).
Place advertising spaces for external advertisers.

Affiliate techniques (sale of products and services of 3os).

15 advanced techniques to improve the results of your blog

Invite your audience to participate to gain knowledge about your readers
This is a very valuable way to know what your blog readers want. Many bloggers are not encouraged for fear of an inactive response but the truth is that it can serve you to know what new topics you could try, the most valued formats, if the frequency of publication is appropriate … in short, each answer is gold for getting closer to the readers and that they feel that you have them in mind.

Segment your mailing list better

If you take time with the blog, you will know that email marketing is key to achieving your goals. To optimize the results in this channel for your blog you need to use good segmentations to personalize your communications. Here are some useful segmentations:

Segmentation by an origin of entry: It is not the same an email that enters by downloading a particular ebook that another user who made a query of the service offered on the blog.
Segmentation by the opening ratio of emails: If you use MailChimp, for example, you mark it with “estrellitas” (from 1 to 5). With this, you can launch a “re-engagement” campaign with less active users or reward the most loyal readers.

In-depth analysis of Google analytics

What measure to improve the results of your blog? These are some relevant metrics to take into account: Visits, page views per user, time on page,% bounce and mainly the achievement of objectives (leads, sales, downloads ..). Then this information can be segmented by country, type of device (mobile, tablets ..) and traffic source for example. In this tutorial of my YouTube channel, in the second 50 I explain how to generate a new goal in google analytics:

In-depth analysis of Webmaster tools: If you do not have an account associated with your blog, I recommend that you open it to see if there are indexation problems of the blog in Google, tracking errors such as broken links and most importantly, see which keywords give you more traffic. Apart from seeing the most important ones for you, you can analyze other words with enough visualizations with which to improve your results in Google.
webmaster 2

Focus the topics covered in your blog

Google increasingly understands more about semantics and knows how to relate the different topics that you treat in a blog. Therefore, you should focus your activity on specific topics and around some key concepts. This is how you are helping Google to identify you as an expert on those topics.

If you’re serious, invest in content production

The Internet is full of superficial content. If you want to stand out, you need content with more information, better presented and in more impactful formats. If your business allows it, invest resources to create infographics, studies, interviews … What is needed to stand out there? Your blog will grow and the performance of it too. For example, I am investing in video production.

Work better blog images

The first thing is to register in a bank of paid images. If you want to improve the visual aspect, the photos used are key. For a few euros, you have quality images and then you can customize them with your logo for example and position them better in Google by entering the “alt” attribute to all. You also gain new traffic out there.

How much time do you spend creating content? And spreading it?

It is commented that to increase your visibility you must follow the 80/20 rule. It works in the following way:
Look at your competitors’ keywords
Apart from analyzing your own, it is good to keep an eye on the returns that your competitors take with some keywords. Where you find good opportunities, you can compete for the same positions in google. You have specific tools for it like Semrush.

Build strong relationships in the network
As you write and disseminate your content you will meet other bloggers like you who try to gain visibility and achieve their goals. These collaborations will allow you to make “guest posting” actions or simply obtain external help to impact new users.

Offer good incentives to increase your mailing list
You have to try to offer your best content or guides to continue encouraging the list of emails. This is one of the best assets you can have in your blog.

Update your header posts

There are some posts that every time require a review and there you have the opportunity to complete them and provide more valuable information. It is important to try to just add text and not correct too much the existing text for SEO issues.

Link your content better for social networks

In my blog, I have made two improvements in this aspect recently. I have introduced the “facebook comments” plugin so that users can directly comment on a post on Facebook and on the other hand install some “tweet” phrases with the “click to tweet” plug-in on some posts.

Optimize each post with an SEO plugin

I use WordPress SEO by Yoast. With this, you can mark in each post which is the most important keyword and description.

Start working with audio and video formats

This is a reality, every time we read less on the Internet. Or we read “diagonally” most content. YouTube channels and podcasts are increasingly getting more acceptance and allow you to consume content more easily.

Seen all this, you will see that being a blogger is not simple but if you can gradually acquire these advanced techniques to improve the results of your blog and get a little closer to the goals you had set.

We currently have a lot of competition with regard to blog content. We all want to position our articles in Google without having to resort to the SEM. This is why, in order to improve the results of your blog, these tips will be of great help.

We would like to add a very important topic so when you are gaining positions do not lose them. It is essential to update your content every so often. Google likes that we have updated our articles and well dressed with images or videos for more pleasant reading.

Be clear that to improve the results of your blog you will have to be on top of everything you do. The absolute control is necessary and essential if you want to compete with the best and be in first positions. Be the sector that is, a good dynamic and the technique when applying your ideas in your blog will be decisive.

Growth Hacking for eCommerce: 7 techniques to achieve success

Do you have an eCommerce or are you thinking of mounting one? Do not you know what formulas to implement to sell more ? Today we tell you 7 Growth Hacking techniques   for ecommerce that will boost the success of your online store.

1. Treat the client exclusively

Make visitors to your store feel unique; They love pampering. A good way to do this is by letting them know that you are interested in their tastes to offer exactly what you need. With this technique you can offer them articles, products or services that suit their needs and that are available only to him or her. Give your client special treatment with this Growth Hacking technique for ecommerce.

Have you noticed that the promotion has an expiration date?

Offer things that fall in love with you, you should treat each client or customer profile in a way, and adapt the content of the message:

“We know you like adventure. Today we recommend this paragliding flight. You want it! decide and we give you a video of the experience so you can always remember it. ” 

You could also make exclusive offers such as:  “Only for you! Take advantage today until 23:59 to buy your Adidas gel shoes with a 30% discount. “

2. Encourage customer-to-customer recommendation

It is one of the most effective Growth Hacking techniques for ecommerce, especially in terms of social ecommerce. The recommendations among friends are better accepted than the suggestions you make to a client directly or an advertising action. Therefore, it is preferable that you spend time motivating your customers to share and recommend the store to their friends; If they are satisfied, the recommendation they make of your products will be 10 times more effective than any campaign you initiate.

An example: Recommend our store to a friend and win € 10 for you and him.

3. Create product shortage

Imagine you have the idea of ​​buying a product but it is not urgent, a few days ago you entered the online store and you were looking for product information; the price, the characteristics, etc. You added it to favorites because you liked it, you even added it to the cart without finishing the purchase. This is where Growth Hacking for ecommerce acts; suddenly you get a message “There are only 4 products left!” Your reaction is to buy it immediately, the same thing happens to your users.

If a client has the idea of ​​buying something and realizes that there are few units, his purchase decision is more immediate.

4. If you want to receive you have to give

This technique is currently used; is to offer something to generate traffic to the store or create a database of leads that will serve to then generate sales. You could give a product if the user registers, give a financial compensation or a discount if you create an account. Another option may be to hold contests or raffles where users leave their information in exchange for a prize.

5. Recover abandon carts

Many users enter an online store, they arrive at the stage of adding the product to the cart and they leave, the reasons may be different but it is essential that you keep track of the reasons why the users do not finish the sale. The most important thing is to recover that sale and that’s where Growth Hacking for ecommerce comes in and the technique called abandon cart recovery. It consists of reminding the customer that his cart is still there, that he is full with the product he has selected and that he can buy it whenever he wants. This is your great opportunity to cause a change in your purchase decision.

6. Offers discounts to convert

It is clear that one of the things that currently motivates buyers is the price and that is why many pages offer constant discounts, creating a price war in the online market. One way to attract the attention of users is to establish aggressive discount campaigns that in many cases get customers to make an immediate purchase decision. We call this marketing technique Sales Hacking;  We shout to the customer Buy us now because we have the best market price! is a way to generate immediacy, that the client does not have time to think, just click and buy.

For this type of strategy is ideal to make a landing or simplify the purchase process with the least possible number of clicks, so there will be no time for regrets.

The Most amazing technological innovations of 2019

Technology is not restricted to cell phones, computers and so-called smart elements. There are a lot of innovations that are almost futuristic that were developed this year, such as intelligent contact lenses, invisible layers and a system to record memory.

The Ibtimes site produced a list of the 10 most amazing technological revolutions of 2014. “The famous Ray Kurzweil affirms that technological progress is accelerating exponentially, where the number of inventions and breakthrough advances grows every year,” says the English site.

The list does not have a particular order, it has a clear British bias and is as follows:

10.- MRI scanner that reads and saves memories

This looks like the movie “The eternal glow of a mind without memories”, but the other way around . The first commercial brain scanner to record thoughts and memories debuted in September.

The first patient at the Millennium Magnetic Technologies (MMT) paid $ 2,000 so that his memory is not lost. This advance can help recover memories in cases of illness or accidents.

9.- Smart contact lenses

These lenses were announced in January and are a creation of Google. These Glass brothers measure the level of blood sugar to warn patients with diabetes when they reach dangerous levels.

8.- Camera that captures the movement of light

The world’s fastest camera was made in Japan and is capable of recording 4.4 trillion frames per second. To have an idea, that is equivalent to 4,400,000,000,000,000,000 cadres. The main function of STAMP is to capture chemical reactions that were not previously perceived.

7.- Invisibility cloak created with laser stitches

Scientists from the University of Cambridge created a new methodthat allows manufacturing invisible metamaterials using lasers to give stitches, which allows the development of, for example, invisible layers.

6.- Flexible and printable batteries

A US startup, called Imprint Energy , developed a new type of flexible battery that facilitates the creation of products increasingly smaller, framed in the trend of wearable technology.

5.- Windows made of solar panels

The window frames will now also serve to capture solar energy. A new quantum material , nanocrystals made of semiconductors, is so revolutionary that it can completely change the way in which solar rays are collected.

4.- Intelligent lenses for the blind

It is not a luxury product like the Google Glass, although its anatomy is comparable. These smart glasses will help people with visual impairments, using a special 3D camera that was developed at the U. of Oxford.

The camera separates the objects and projects them into the lenses to maximize the user’s vision. in Newly will come to market in 2016.

3.- Robot that changes forms

Engineers from Cornell University and Harvard have created a “soft” robot that changes shapes and is capable of working in extreme conditions such as snow, being run over and under fire. The fear is that the research was partially funded by DARPA, a US agency. I develop new technologies for military purposes.

2.- Bionic plant

A team of scientists from MIT developed the world’s first bionic plant , capable of absorbing light 30% more efficiently than a normal plant. The integration of carbon nanotubes in the leaves is the key to this advance that improves photosynthesis.

1.- Smart packaging seal

How to know if the cheese or ham that is inside the plastic packaging is good or not. That’s the answer that Bump Mark gives , which deteriorates at the same time as the food it’s covering. This would help not to throw away thousands of tons of food a year.

“Using a jelly, to model the decomposition of the food, the Bump Mark tells you exactly the condition of your food, simply by running your finger over the label, if it’s soft, you can still eat , if not, be careful” , explain on the official site.

Reach your goals incorporating new sales techniques to your business

Does your business have all the necessary resources to grow in sales and even then you do not achieve that result? You have a good product, clear objectives and an excellent professional team; but still you observe your goals from afar. The organizational climate decays, your collaborators are demotivated, and stress comes to your door. What is wrong?

This is a normal context in businesses that are starting their activities or facing the great competition. According to data from the National Economic Census (CEN), MiPyMEs are 93% of the productive units in Paraguay . 

It is a challenge to establish methods, techniques and to stand out in such a competitive market, but every organization can and must overcome these barriers.

Each area of ​​your company provides an important differential for the operation of this and in that regard, the sales sector fulfills the function of fuel. The income achieved with trained and motivated salespeople is what keeps the organization running.

In this article I will talk more about sales techniques that will create differentials in your commercial strength. Applying them, you will achieve your goals and objectives. Keep reading.

# 1 – What are sales techniques and their importance

eye! When talking about sales techniques I do not mean sales tricks or manipulations that lead you to close a business magically. 

These techniques can be tools, attitudes or methods used by the seller at the time of sale to understand the customer and if what is being offered is going to satisfy the customer’s need.

In addition, sales techniques generate greater confidence in the seller, who, having a high knowledge, will behave as an authority in the matter, thus conquering the confidence of the potential client.

Any person in general, always has room to grow in their role and improve their skills. Investing time in team education, reading industry publications and testing new ideas help improve what we do; In sales, it is not different.

Companies prefer to hire sellers with certain traits and characteristics because certain skills are associated with a higher success rate. 

Sales techniques make salespeople able to work independently, have an ideal communication with customers, have the knowledge and experience to sell products and help increase business benefits.

# 2 – Find sales techniques appropriate to your business and ideal client

Above all, your salespeople will not be effective if they do not understand who they are selling to and what the market landscape looks like .

However, it is not only who you are talking to, but also who else is occupying your space. How does the competitive landscape look? How is your solution accumulated? Examine how the competition is selling and launching new products, and do something different.

There is no one sure way to create solid sales in your business. The way to generate sales will ultimately depend on many factors, such as your business, industry and location.

# 3 – Train and train all your salespeople

Without adequate sales training, your team will fail and business growth may stagnate. This can become a “domino effect” as more experienced members fall into depression and the newer members will not be exposed to quality leadership.

What you taught your first employees could be transmitted correctly. Or maybe not. And the next round of hiring? Your new employee works with you and absorbs the sales process, sees how to handle objections and where to find potential customers. 

But if your first employees did not capture these ideas from the beginning, before you know it, your vision has been completely ruled out and your sales department has become a mess where everyone acts as they see fit.

One of the best ways to maintain new and experienced talent is to make training recurrent. By doing so, your team will learn from previous victories or failures while they are fresh. This is not an easy task. So take one step at a time.

Creating a strong and efficient sales team is one of the most important things you will do in business. Providing your department with access to the best training and resources is a sure way to grow your business, as well as your employees. 

You want a team full of confidence and skill. Do not waste more time in providing the best means of development you can.

# 4 – Use tools that optimize the usefulness of sales techniques

Anyone who has been in the sales area for any amount of time knows that, depending on the product or service they are selling, sales cycles can vary from days to years. Anything that marketers and sellers can do to streamline decision making without putting too much pressure on prospects can help increase sales volume.

Fortunately there is a huge amount of tools (spoiler: the main one is a CRM ) for sales that can help in that mission. The tools for sale can help solve different problems: produce and work with valuable content, provide communication between your company and the buyer, etc. Most of the tools are easy to use, and many have a low price.

Do not know or do not use any? You are wasting time and money!

However, even with all these tools available, do not be fooled! They do not substitute the work of their collaborators. If there is a person on your team who does not like to talk on the phone or very disorganized, hardly having a CRM or Skype will help you sell more .

However, if the team is motivated and aligned, the tools can improve business indicators and  make work more efficient . 

Many tools have free trial versions for your organization to experience before they are finally implemented. Do the tests and find the ideal tool for your business!

# 5 – Be persistent and reach your goals

It is essential for your business to understand the importance of sales techniques and find the one that best suits them. 

The world of sales is constantly evolving and consumers are becoming more demanding. Sellers who do not adapt to these changes when approaching the market, will be much less efficient.

If you persist and manage to make your sales force apply techniques, you will surpass your goals and become a reference in good customer service, generating more opportunities.

And if you still want to satisfy that enormous thirst for sales that I know that sellers and entrepreneurs have, I invite you to download the material that I will leave here below.

Increase your sales and receive a surprise at the end of the ebook!

The download is completely free and you just have to complete a short form to access it.

I hope you liked this article, by the way, it is the first one I write and the feeling of satisfaction that I have is immense.

Business strategies of large companies

How to attract customers: strategies of large companies

Have you already started your business? Congratulations! Now is the time to move on to the next level, and learn how to capture customers so that your sales increase and your venture succeeds.

Here I will tell you about the 20 strategies used by the best companies in the world, and that you can also start practicing to get to the top of your business.

 20 tools used by large companies to attract customers

How to attract customers to my business?

Catching clients can be uphill if you let them resolve themselves, but if you use the right strategies, starting with knowing your client and understanding the need for your product or your service , you will achieve it without any problem.

I’m sure you’ve come a long way from the moment you had the idea of ​​starting your own business until you ‘ve finally managed to get it going.

But you may have noticed that no matter how good your product is or how efficient your service is, there is a point where you get stuck and you can not get new customers or worse, you start to lose the clients you’ve got.

I know that this scenario can discourage you and make you doubt about your investment, but although almost nobody says it, this is a necessity that all the companies in the world have, getting more clients is the center of economic competition and in many cases it can be the engine that pushes the growth of a company.

So you can take advantage of this situation to climb the next step in your business.

To create your own strategies and attract customers, we have to go back to the beginning of everything , when you were shaping your business idea and created your business plan.

If you started in an improvised way and you do not have a business plan, you have started without one of your engines, but do not worry, you are still on time and you can create a business plan quickly and in the few steps you will find in this article:  How put together a business plan in 6 easy steps

In your business plan you did a quick market study and you thought about the type of client you want to have, you chose a segment to which what you sell is directed, such as: women between 25 and 35 years old.

Well, the first thing you should do to get your customers is to know them , maybe there is something about your lifestyle that you are overlooking.

There are people who simply do not care about what you sell, you can try to convince them and maybe you will succeed with one or the other, but you will lose a lot of money along the way; On the other hand, that segment of which I spoke before, is your ideal client.

They are people who are interested in your product , who have the economic capacity to pay for it, they consider it a necessity and they can even become loyal to your brand.

You have to know your ideal client as well as if he were the person you are going to marry, you have to know the activities he does, the places he visits, the social networks he uses the most, in short, absolutely everything.

I suppose now you will ask yourself, what for? Well, wherever your client is, wherever you see, you will be offering your product.

For example, if you have a clothing store for young women,  your business needs to be present in large shopping centers, on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram and in the cafes or restaurants that are fashionable in your city.

The second strategy to attract customers, is to know, understand and manage your product as yourself.

Maybe it seems very obvious to you and you will think “of course I know what I am selling!” But is it really that way? Or have you just seen what you want to show?

If it is a product use it , take it with you a couple of weeks, in different situations, pay attention to the opinions of the people , so you know what their best qualities are and what their faults are.

I know we want to think that we offer the best product on the market and we work very hard to make it happen, but we have to pay attention to find its disadvantages.

Maybe there is some way to improve it and surely there is more than one way to sell it, you can use its different advantages to talk about it with different approaches. 

Use your experience using your product to know what is the best way to offer it, following the example of the clothing store, there are hundreds of stores that sell clothes for young women, then look for what differentiates them from the others. Original designs? Lower price? Higher quality? Plus sizes? Season colors?

Exploit what you know about your products to give you added value that your customers will not find anywhere.

When you know what you are going to say about your product you have to make sure that your message is solid , to the point where you achieve that the clients necessarily relate that characteristic to what you sell.

To achieve this I recommend you do a 30 seconds script selling your product or service and that same script you will adapt for promoters in your store, advertising in the flyers and publications in business social networks.

How to attract customers on the street ?

Getting clients is not something that happens instantaneously, at least I do not know any lucky person who happened to him. So you have to leave the desk to the side, turn off the air conditioning, choose the location, take a few samples and go out to kick the street.

Even if you have enough budget to hire people to do it, the best thing is that you try it a couple of times, at least to explore the terrain , this is my first recommendation.

If you yourself have tried to get your customers on the street, you will know for sure what you need , what kind of people you should hire and what the possible faults will be, it is something like an undercover boss.

If you do not have the budget to hire, there are no excuses,  you yourself are the best agent and promoter of your business.

Now, my second recommendation before doing anything is: choose, plan and coordinate the location.

Do not end up doing something like trying to sell ice to Eskimos in northern Alaska.

If you know the customers you are looking for, you know exactly where you are going to visit, and if you know your product, you will know what you have to say.

It is not a secret that there are some areas of the city that are more visited by some people than others, for example, if you are looking for young women you go to shopping centers or beauty salons, if you are looking for contemporary gentlemen you go to sports broadcasting sites, golf courses or places for amateurs.

Locate where the people you are looking for and that will be your battleground, also take into account the schedule, it does not make sense to go to a shopping center at 8:00 am, because it will surely be empty.

Avoid places that are overcrowded where people walk quickly like avenues.

While it is true that many people pass, very few will stop to listen to you because most of them just want to reach their destination.

This is what people call a “sense of opportunity” to be in the right place at the right time; and you have all the tools to get it.

When you already have an action plan, keep in mind my third recommendation: Get ready with a 30-second script , do not talk like a salesman but as an expert, do not say things like “I’ll take you a minute” “I’m going to steal a moment “nobody likes to be asked for anything.

You are not asking, you are offering a product of excellent quality that you know that person needs and do not want to miss that great opportunity.

Before leaving, you need one last thing. Fourth recommendation: Think if you can prepare some type of material, such as a sample booklet, flyers, sheets of paper to take data or cards with your address and contact information.

When you finally find yourself in the place, you’ll have to look around and find the most natural and comfortable way to get close to people, if you can get them to get close to you. Much better! This is my fifth recommendation.

The easiest and most common way to approach a person is to deliver a flyer , but do not waste your money with anything, it is better to have a few flyers with an excellent design that is striking and worth saving that thousands of sheets that people will use as recycling in the best of cases.

When you deliver the steering wheel it takes a couple of seconds to let it go, that way you can have visual contact with your potential customer, use a smile and try to start a conversation with a question.

Avoid looking very upset , because if so, other people will begin to avoid you.

If you can invest a little, instead of fliers, you better get armed with a free sample trunk , I assure you that you will always see people near the free samples of the pretzel stalls, and we all know that only a snack is never enough.

Make your best samples , locate yourself in the best place, offer them to some people and you will see how the possible clients will be approaching like bees to the honeycomb.

A key point to attract customers and even achieve street sales is to attract attention.

Look for creative ways for people to see you and have an interest in approaching you and listening to you.

For example, with magic tricks, with a flashy outfit or a costume related to what you sell, a small parade of clothing or the preparation of a recipe; These are all ideas that will help you reach more people in an original way.

There are also inflatable rental services with advertising motifs, children love them and parents will have to approach for a few minutes.

How in all the projects of your business, the results will be better with a sales objective , so you will know which strategy works best according to the product or service that you sell.

You see that getting customers on the street goes far beyond distributing flyers in a corner, so kick the street creatively and effectively!

How to attract customers in 9 creative ways

How to attract customers in 9 creative ways

1. Share free samples

Do you know those samples of perfume that seem to flood all magazines (especially women)?

Although they are still used, they have already gone a little out of fashion, and now there is a more updated strategy in which companies send sets with several samples to satisfy buyers.

If you have an online business, you can offer these small products for free only in exchange for the customer paying for the shipment (although remember to put a limit on a single pack of samples per person and home).

In a physical trade it will be easier because you can give samples with each purchase, or offer them outside your establishment.

In the case that your products are services such as courses, advice, or computer programs, provide your customers with a trial version for a limited time.

2. Organize an event

It attracts clients organizing some type of event such as a webinar (a small class on the Internet) in which you talk about your product and help your potential customers to solve a problem.

If you give graphic design services, help them with the problems they have to install WordPress on their sites. If you sell self-makeup courses, show them how to identify the tone of their skin to buy a makeup that matches their color.

In a physical business you can also implement this strategy by organizing a party, a parade if you have a clothing store, a workshop to teach how your articles work …

3. Start a referral program

Referral programs are nothing new. But turning them into a marketing machine is a novel concept.

So for example you can start an affiliate system , in which your buyers, to recommend your products, take a small commission when you make a sale through them.

Or give them a double discount coupon that they can only use when they visit your store with a companion , and both make a purchase at the same time.

It is more: if you have a website with a blog, it shows only a part of the text of your articles and asks that, if you want to continue reading the rest of the content, share that post on your social networks so that you can reach more people.

4. Create a selfie campaign

Online marketing today is very different from the traditional, in which only advertising was launched, but the buyer could not interact or participate in any way.

Now what people ask is to be part of advertising campaigns ; and there is nothing better for that than asking your customers to take a picture using one of your products.

Ask them to post these selfies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, and do so by linking to your page or mentioning it.

In return, reward the most creative images with a prize as an article of your business or, if you already have many followers in a social network, republishing your photo and a link to your social profile to give recognition and publicity.

In this way a situation is created in which everyone wins.

5. Manage a group on LinkedIn

Create a group in the LinkedIn social network and invite people who may be your potential customers to join.

Publish articles, tips and useful information to establish a relationship with other members , that prove that you care about the interests of your buyers, talk about your products to your network of friends, and share with you the suggestions to improve your business.

6. Imitate the tactics of other companies

Why invent the wheel when you can inspire yourself or imitate the strategies of others?

Search for people, companies and influential people with a large number of fans in social networks and blogs or popular websites with thousands of followers, and check what strategies they follow to attract their audience.

Imitate them or get inspired by their techniques and put them into practice adapting them to your audience and your products.

It is not necessary to belong to the same sector of your business: many marketing methods are used for a large number of markets although they have no relationship with each other.

7. Join the promotions of others

Search for businesses, organizations or groups that have a customer base or followers that may be interested in your articles, and contact them to collaborate together.

Tell them they can do a contest or a promotion, and that you can donate some prizes (your most popular products, for example) in exchange for them mentioning you as their sponsor and giving you some publicity.

In this way, you will reach a new sector of buyers and you will be able to promote yourself on a larger scale.

8. Start a viral contest

Start a contest , but do not expect it to become viral (spread widely) without doing anything.

The best idea is that in exchange for a participation, your contestants must post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram the information of your contest.

Thus, your contacts will also see the draw , know your business, and if they sign up to participate, you will get to know more people.

For example: if they share the information of the contest on Facebook, they will take a participation; if they also do it on Twitter, there will be two extra participations and more chances to win, etc.

9. Do marketing through your contacts

Your network of contacts (friends, family, former colleagues, etc.) may be the best place to start attracting customers.

Remember that “word of mouth” is one of the most powerful advertising tools yet.

Get everyone who knows you to talk about you, your products and your company to everyone they know.

Another good idea is that you join groups related to your sector. For example, if you have a bicycle shop, become a member of cycling groups to take trips with them and talk about your business.

Which of these methods works best for you to attract customers? Leave me a comment below telling me your experience with your buyers.

How to attract customers with a marketing strategy

Why do you have to promote your business?

In any sector of activity, the fact of having a well defined and implemented marketing strategy is ideal for your business to grow and be promoted in the most varied ways possible, regardless of whether you work online or not.

Even a physical store or a teacher who gives face-to-face classes needs to advertise their company.

And that’s because from those actions you get more people to know your brand and, thus, can attract more customers.

The more people know your products or services, the more likely it is that your profits will increase.

In the case of those who work online, that is a reality that can not be forgotten in any way.

Competition is high and potential customers look for solutions that can be easily found.

In addition, as the digital market is constantly expanding, today it is not enough to have a good product or service and expect your work to speak for itself.

Now you have to show people what you offer and, more than that, they notice the need to buy your product.

What is a marketing strategy?

Before talking about the fundamental elements to help attract more customers it is necessary to explain what the marketing strategy is.

This term is widely used, mainly in the digital market, however, does not mean that because it is so widespread all people really understand it as a whole. (There are several other terms of the online world that you can understand better with this glossary of the digital entrepreneur ).

Basically, the marketing strategy is simply to plan in advance all the actions of promotion of your brand, product or service and monitor the results of those actions to understand what must be maintained and what can be improved.

In addition, having a marketing strategy is also to achieve disclosure of your product / service to a potential customer in the best possible way. This means not trying to sell all the time or saying what people should or should not do, but giving value to people with what you put at their disposal and recommending the solutions they can take.

It is clear that all product promotion also involves campaigns and launches (we will talk about that later), but the marketing strategy is not limited to that alone. It is a set of elements that manage to take people through a process that goes from the knowledge of your product to the final purchase.

That is why you need to understand and plan the most varied ways of spreading your brand in order to attract public from various communication channels.

We all know that the best marketing of a product is one that sells what you offer to your audience. However, you need to have a well structured marketing strategy before starting to carry out your promotional actions because, rather than selling, it is very important to add value to what you offer.

Presenting relevant solutions to people is the best way to attract customers.

Even if you’re selling something online, the sales process remains personal and requires your focus to be on the consumer. You have to start with a purpose, and helping the consumer to respond to any need is an excellent goal.

On the other hand, if you think of strategies that can, in some way, show how much your product or service can change people’s lives, you will have the opportunity to attract your customers organically, which also helps increase your profits, since your marketing actions will not be very onerous.

The most important thing in planning your marketing actions is that you can think of low-cost, high-impact strategies that are creative and really aimed at the buyer of your business. The more specific the actions for your niche , the greater your chances of attracting new clients.

How to attract customers with a marketing strategy?

Now that you understand what a marketing strategy is and you know how it is important for your business, we will help you with some fundamental elements so that you can attract more customers.

Of course, each business has a different audience that you want to reach, that’s why not all the actions are suited to you.

The important thing here is that you realize the amount of elements that you can use to increase your promotion and use those that are more assertive for your buyer person.

Also, it is not necessary that you choose just one marketing strategy for your business.

With planning it is possible to create more than one action for your brand. Over time you will see what works and you can undo what is not relevant to your business.

1. Blog

The blog is one of the best known and used strategies by those who want to attract customers in an organic way on the Internet and delivering quality educational content.

That’s why, when you have a blog, you can write messages that answer diverse questions (from the most basic to the most technical) and that show specific solutions for your audience.

Still have doubts about how to start with this marketing strategy? Read our post with the complete .

2. SEO

What is the use of having a blog with a lot of interesting content for your audience if nobody reads it? That’s why you need to apply SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization) in your posts, so that your page appears in the first places of the search engines, such as Google.

Work well on keywords in your texts, test titles that attract the attention of users, write complete contents and really educate your audience.

The important thing is to optimize all your posts so that people get to your content every time they track a term related to your niche.

3. Email marketing

Many people still have the idea that email is not a good marketing strategy, since many users do not even take the trouble to read the messages sent.

However, that’s not so true … especially if your emails have interesting content and not just ads for your products or services.

Create, for example, a newsletter and send important information via email to people who leave their email addresses on your page!

It also sends rich materials, such as more elaborate ebooks.

This is a way to maintain communication with your potential customers by email and to remain hooked with your brand.