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Is A2 Hosting a best web hosting provider for budget users? Yes, i would say and this review will cover just that. Until few years ago i like many of you know only Bluehost, Hostgator and few other names.

The obvious reason is wherever i visit, their ads would popup and most of the pro bloggers would recommend one of these and some even aggressively promoted.

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a2 hosting review,a2 hostingI would not say, what they’re doing is wrong. But it is only few pro’s who misled users to buy unreliable hosting services by tagging them as ” best web hosting ” company you would ever found.

After using their services for few years, not satisfied with tech support, reliability, poor performance, i obviously looked for alternative and found few Hosting companies to go with.

A2 hosting Review 2018

I would like to write my A2 Hosting review in 5 sections,

  1. A2 Hosting Features
  2. A2 Hosting Pricing
  3. A2 Hosting Support
  4. A2 Hosting Performance
  5. A2 Hosting Final Verdict

A2 Hosting Features:

  • 20X Faster Servers
  • Guru Crew Support
  • Free Account Migration
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
  • 99.9% uptime
  • 1 Click Installers
  • SSD Servers
  • Free SSL

As per the features are concerned, A2 hosting is unique in its offerings, covers most of the essentials features we need. So anyone who wants to host a website on a fast server would not want to spend extra on SSL, Migration, SSD as add-on.

A2 Hosting covers it all !

Faster Servers:

Does A2 hosting offer faster servers ? I would say big YES ! When i first moved my sites from Bluehost to A2 Hosting, i noticed big difference in site loading speed.

It was the first thing that convinced me of “okay, i’ve made a good choice”.

Since back in that time Bluehost had HDD not SSD, lets not include other factors like how many websites runs from a single server, the configuration of server etc.

The single factor that would give you witness real time difference is the Solid State Servers.

SSDs are faster, reliable, & all hosting package from a2 hosting comes with SSD only.

A2 Hosting Pricing:

I would not say, i was ready to pay any amount, because if i was in that situation i would’ve gone with other premium hosting providers.

So i want to make it clear, i was on budget, and i don’t want to spend too much on hosting services.

At that time, i was ready to shell out $100-!50 a year for hosting my site.

When i checked few hosting providers, ASmallOrange, SiteGround, DigitalOcean were the choices i had.

Since i was not into technical stuff i removed DigitalOcean from my list, and out of the three A2Hosting, ASmallOrange, SiteGround, i picked A2 Hosting.

The reason why i chose A2 Hosting was due to its Pricing with 51% Discount Offer, Any time money guarantee, SSD Server, Free Migration Service, Free SSL.

A2 Hosting Plans & Pricing :

a2 hosting pricing,a2 hosting plans

The plan i had gone with when i started was A2 Hosting Turbo with 51% Discount coupon, that offered me Unlimited websites to host, 20X faster Turbo server, A2 site accelerator feature.

The differential factor between Swift & Turbo plans are Turbo 20X Speed, A2 Site accelerator.

When i renewed two years later, i had gone with with Swift plan which i thought is enough for the site & its traffic.

Who can use A2 Hosting Lite Plan ?

If you’re into offering services, or you want to have a live website for your business, go with it.

Keep in mind, you can only add one domain on this package, though you can create unlimited subdomains.

Which Plan to Choose ?

I would suggest you go with just A2 hosting Swift Plan which is enough for any blog that receives decent amount of visitors.

A2 Hosting Support:

I want to be frank, had encountered few issues at different occasions, sharing them here for you to decide how would you rate them on customer care support service,

1. cPanel throttled to its maximum resource usage due to a feature that i had enabled on Jetpack plugin. Support guy from A2hosting was able to find out the function “Monitor Downtime” on Jetpack plugin was the real culprit which caused the issue, i disabled it later.

2.Couldn’t login to my wordpress : I couldn’t access my wordpress site, the username & password i used didn’t worked. I created a ticket & got it checked from their side.

A2 hosting support team created a test username & password and had me to access through it.

3.Anytime Money Back: This is the most useful feature from A2 Host, very few offers this.

Then i opened ticket for cancellation, got that amount credited into my bank account as well.

Why would i want to mention this here is, i had similar experience with ASmallOrange where they denied refund and i had no option to keep the hosting service with no usage.

 A2 Hosting Performance:

How would you do performance analysis of a web hosting service? To be frank, i did not do any performance test nor i believed the test report from other pro bloggers because i had bitter experience, i had gone through one of the most popular blogger’s site and found out he was promoting it just for higher commission ?

So, first i was convinced with A2 Hosting’s assurances and for the pricing, feature i opted for with little hesitation on performance.

After signing up, received welcome mail with cPanel login, DNS, FTP details.

Logged in, opened ticket to migrate my site from other hostrar to A2 Hosting.

Within 48 hours they were able to complete that, i was able to access my blog/cpanel with same logins.

Though i changed it later for security reasons, after migration, when i loaded my site for the first time, i was clearly able to notice the faster page loading.

That was the first time, i noticed it with my own eyes.

Logged into my wordpress, here to was able to notice better loading of wordpress dashboard.

Because, with some hostrars, your back end will take much time to load than your front-end.

I then conducted web page speed test on Pingdom, GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Test, the results were awesome.

With few more tweaks on Plugins, Themes, was able to reduce page speed loading time by few sec.

Another important fact i want to share here is, the page views that the particular blog on A2 Hosting received.

On an average day, i was getting 9000-12500 page views as per Google analytics data.

It was an education blog where i shared results date, admit cards, so during the peak time the real-time users on Analytics gone upto 800-900.

My server was on full load clocking at 90-100% for few hours, still the site was loading fine without any errors shown to users.

I then did a redirect to other site ( hosted on ) to avoid any temporary suspension of my hosting account.

So A2 hosting was able to handle high traffic, if its not running SSD i doubt the server would have crashed and my account would be suspended, thats what happened with Bluehost.

Final Verdict:

Glad, you’ve read all the way to Final verdict section, So would you recommend A2 Hosting service ?

Yes i would. Happily !

Sign Up for A2 Hosting – Click Here

A2 Hosting is best option for those who’ve budget between $5-$10/month.

If you’re looking for best shared hosting service or best VPS hosting on budget ? then you can try A2 Hosting without any second thought.

I’ve not used A2 hosting’s dedicated server plan, so couldn’t comment on that.

May be in future, i would also test it and include a detailed review on A2 hosting dedicated server plan.


  1. I’m from India, can i buy A2 Hosting? : Yes, A2 hosting offers India specific support as well.
  2. I signed up for A2 hosting but i’m not satisfied what todo ? – You can cancel your hosting subscription and request Refund.
  3. Can i set up WordPress ? : Yes, it does have one click WordPress installer as well
  4. Can i get free SSL certificate ? : Yes, a2 hosting free SSL comes in built.
  5. How to activate SSL for more than one domain: You need to live chat with customer executive to enable/activate Free SSL on your websites.