Top Holiday Social Media Campaign Ideas to Try

Social media is further aggressive and noisy than ever, nevertheless the vacations provide a really perfect different to decrease by way of the noise and obtain a bonus over your rivals.

This is because of people’s emotions are actively engaged with a mixture of pleasure and nostalgia. If you might faucet into that, then you might often multiply the effectiveness of your social media efforts.

Most people merely phone of their trip promoting, though.

Many will merely slap some clip art work collectively, provide a small promotional low value, submit it to Facebook, and identify it a day.

Then they’ll marvel why they didn’t get rather a lot traction.

The secret is to engage alongside together with your viewers on an emotional diploma and get your message in entrance of enough people. This will often moreover require some amount of paid commercials.

The magnificence is that there are so many holidays that you’ve got a year-long stream of alternate options. Some holidays is also increased fitted to certain industries, nevertheless ingenious entrepreneurs in any enterprise ought to have the chance to leverage practically any trip.

In this chapter, I’m going to outline a variety of methods you need to use in your particular person social media promoting for the holidays, along with quite a few specific examples of some of the content material materials you may take into consideration creating.

These examples aren’t basically meant as a blueprint, nevertheless further of a spark to get your creativity flowing so you might provide you with specific holiday-themed content material materials that’s associated to your company.

Let’s get started…

Decorate Your Profile

This is the first and most evident a part of social media promoting for the holidays and it takes the least effort.

Simply substitute your cowl image and profile picture to replicate the holiday.

For your cowl image, this may indicate altering your common image with one among your workers carrying Halloween costumes in entrance of your setting up or maybe throwing candy from a Christmas float. Or you may merely use a holiday-themed graphic.

How you cope with your profile picture may depend upon whether or not or not it’s a headshot or a emblem.

For occasion, if we’re talking a few headshot, you may positioned on a Santa hat or reindeer antlers. If we’re talking a few emblem you may superimpose falling snow over your emblem or drop some candy canes or holly inside the nook of the image.

On some platforms, you may even use holiday-themed background colors in just a few of your posts major up to a trip. You could even embrace holiday-themed static photos or animated GIFs in your posts.

Be Like Santa

Everyone loves getting presents. Well, maybe other than these people with warrants who obtained lured into an arrest by police beneath the guise of a free prize.

But nearly everyone else does.

This may make gift-giving a strong method to generate publicity by way of social media. Some holidays is also increased fitted to this, akin to Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

But it may presumably work for a lot of holidays. And the great thing about this technique is that it’s exactly the kind of issue that will get plenty of folks talking about it and your group on social media.

Now after I focus on giving a gift, it’s important to degree out that it doesn’t basically have to be pricey, but it surely absolutely does need to have some precise value.

I’ll offer you an occasion of what not to do.

I labored with a photographer a variety of years prior to now who despatched me a Christmas “gift” that consisted of an affordable Christmas card with a phrase handwritten on the inside that talked about:

“I wanted to thank you for being a customer. As a Christmas gift to you, I’d like to offer you a 10% discount on any new photography projects between now and the end of the year.”

That’s not a gift.

It’s a promotion. And not a very spectacular one at that.

If you’re going to give a gift, give an exact reward with no strings linked.

And that reward should be of sufficient value, relative to the value degree of your providers or merchandise, but it surely absolutely doesn’t need to be related to your company.

For occasion, you may ship out a elaborate area of Christmas candies to their prime prospects. In a tight-knit and tech-savvy enterprise like ours, plenty of the recipients of a gift like this might immediately hop on social media to submit about their very good reward, and so they would possibly usually tag the company that despatched it.

Some would possibly and some gained’t, nevertheless you need to in no way ask anyone to submit about their reward because of that may make the reward seem insincere. They’ll perhaps question your motives in giving it to them, and may even question how rather a lot you really value them as a purchaser.

The keys to giving the kind of presents which is likely to be further probably to get people talking on social media are to:

  • Give one factor of sufficient value. (When not sure, further is finest.)
  • If doable, tailor the reward to their character and pursuits.
  • Don’t ask them to submit about it on social media. Not even subtly.

Holiday-Themed Content

There are an almost limitless number of issues you might provide you with to help promote your company spherical a particular trip.

There are two paths you might take proper right here:

  1. Publish long-form content material materials in your weblog after which share it on social media.
  2. Publish short-form content material materials solely on social media.

So what kind of content material materials goes to get people talking and encourage them to share it?

Long-Form Content

While this content material materials perhaps gained’t drive guests from an pure search perspective inside the fast time interval, it may presumably start to drive guests from a social perspective immediately.

This is because of it’s exactly the type of content material materials individuals are probably to share whereas a particular trip is on the doorway of their ideas.

Here are some ideas to get you started:


  • The most interesting horror movies. You could further refine this by making a separate submit for the scariest, funniest, or kid-friendly horror movies.
  • An entire file of native Halloween events.
  • The origin of assorted Halloween traditions.
  • Halloween adorning ideas.
  • Top horror movie villains.
  • An stock of Halloween treats for teenagers with meals sensitivities.
  • Scary fast tales from native authors.


  • The most interesting Christmas movies. You could further refine this by making a separate submit for teenagers, teen, and regular Christmas movies.
  • An stock of reward ideas for a particular type of specific particular person (digital entrepreneurs, journalists, constructing workers, Marines, and so forth.)
  • Stories shared from people about their worst or most interesting Christmas recollections.
  • An entire file of native Christmas events.
  • The origin of assorted Christmas traditions.
  • Christmas adorning ideas.
  • An stock of low cost, luxurious, or gag Christmas presents.

Valentine’s Day

  • The most interesting (or worst) Valentine or romantic movies.
  • An stock of reward ideas primarily based totally on how prolonged you’ve been in a relationship.
  • Quite a lot of distinctive Valentine’s Day get on a regular basis.
  • Stories shared from people about their worst or most interesting Valentine’s Day.
  • An stock of native romantic consuming locations.
  • An stock of low cost, luxurious, or gag Valentine presents.

Short-Form Content

Polls, questions, and humorous memes rule proper right here. The idea is to generate quick engagement inside the kind of suggestions and shares.

This is a spot to start, nevertheless to get necessary traction, you’ll need to uncover a way to be a part of holiday-themed issues to your company and/or enterprise.


  • A poll of the simplest (or worst) horror villains.
  • Ask people to share their scariest Halloween experience.
  • A poll of the simplest (or worst) candies.
  • Ask people to contact upon the plot holes in well-liked horror movies.
  • A poll on trick or treating vs going to a Halloween event.


  • A poll of the simplest (or worst) Christmas movies. Bonus elements when you could get people debating whether or not or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie or an movement movie.
  • Ask people to make clear their precept of the science behind how Santa travels across the globe, flies, carries all these toys, and can get in and out of homes undetected.
  • A poll of people’s favorite Christmas meals.
  • Ask people to contact upon the simplest or worst reward they’ve obtained or given.
  • Ask people to share their most interesting Christmas memory.

Valentine’s Day

  • A poll of the simplest (or worst) romantic movies.
  • Ask people to contact upon the simplest or worst reward they’ve obtained or given.
  • Ask people to share their most interesting Valentine memory.
  • A poll on who they “love” most in what you are promoting or what they love about what you are promoting.
  • Ask people to share how they fell in love or how they knew their affiliate was “the one.”

Note: In circumstances the place there are a variety of selections, each alternative should be its private submit.

Create a Holiday-Inspired Hashtag

Hashtags could also be a great way to get plenty of folks talking a few particular topic whereas making it easy for everyone to uncover these conversations.

All it takes, in some circumstances, is for a few people to use a particular hashtag to make sure that it to take off.

The secret is to make it extremely efficient, humorous, or nicely timed, or ideally, a mixture of these elements.

Some ideas may embrace:


  • #ScarySEOTactics
  • #NightmareClientStories
  • #RealEstateHorrorStories
  • #TrickOrTake care ofIdeas
  • #HorrorFilledBusinessIdeas


  • #BestChristmasGiftEver
  • #WorstChristmasGiftEver
  • #ChristmasItemsForHomeBuyers
  • #MyDreamSecretSanta
  • #AllIWantForChristmas

Valentine’s Day

  • #BestGiftFromMyLove
  • #WorstGiftFromMyEx
  • #WhatILoveAboutSEO
  • #HowIMetMetMyLove
  • #CompaniesILove

Important phrase: steer clear of tying politics in alongside together with your hashtags because of that will go south really fast.

It’s equally important to make sure that the hashtag you want to use isn’t already in use. The baked gadgets agency, Entenmanns, found this the onerous method after they jumped on the #NotAccountable hashtag a few years prior to now.

Elf of the Shelf

If you’ll have youngsters, or know anyone who does, or have been a minimal of significantly acutely conscious for the ultimate a variety of years, you then undoubtedly’ve perhaps seen the festive, however creepy Elf on the Shelf toy.

If you haven’t, properly, first, welcome once more out of your coma. Next, I’ll offer you a quick rationalization of what it is.

The fast mannequin is that it’s a magical elf who has traveled down to your personal dwelling on Santa’s orders to monitor and report in your youngster’s conduct.

From the time your youngster wakes up, properly into the night time after they’re asleep, these elves watch them. Then, after your youngster has lastly gone to sleep, the elf travels once more to the North Pole to report to Santa.

This explains why the elf is in a particular place each morning. Often doing one factor humorous.

Why can’t these elves merely use piece of email? Or FaceTime?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that you need to use this elf to promote your company.

“How can this creepy stalker elf help promote my business?” you ask?

In the equivalent method that folk set these elves up doing humorous points at residence, you might set them up doing humorous points in your company, after which posting them to social media each morning.

Ideally, your elf ought to do points fastidiously related to your company. For occasion, a home builder would possibly want an elf sitting atop a truss carrying a tiny helmet.

But you’ll get far more traction in case your elf has a conduct of doing points which is likely to be humorous or ridiculous.

That related residence builder would possibly want their elf sitting on a tiny entrance end loader, with an opened bag of cement inside the background, dumping a tiny load of cement proper right into a cup of espresso.

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