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7 Types of Social Proof to Grow Your Ecommerce Sales

What are the strongest factors that influence your customers to buy? Social proof, first introduced by Robert Cialdini in “Influence“, is one of the most impactful drivers of consumers’ purchase decisions. As an ecommerce site, socially-reinforced trust signals can help you: Increase conversion rates. Improve the trustworthiness of your brand. Increase consumers’ confidence in transacting […]

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9 Types of Content That Will Help Your Local SEO

Ranking for local SEO used to be pretty straightforward. You’d add your NAP to the footer, build a few directory links, and voila! You were on your way to the local 7-pack. Somewhere along the line, the 7-pack reduced to a 3-pack and local directory links are no longer enough. To move up the ranks […]

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10 Types of Client Behavior That Drive Every SEO Professional Insane

As an SEO professional, you probably have a catalog of horror stories you could tell. Each business is unique, and every client that comes through your door is different than the one before. Most of the time, these clients have a genuine interest in learning how the right approach to SEO can help their brand […]

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