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12 Essential Data Studio Visualizations for Paid Search Marketers

Ask any group of marketers what tools you should use for reporting, and you’re sure to hear an emphatic “Data Studio!” Google’s free visualization and reporting tool has been around since 2016, and has only gotten better over time, with feature updates and improvements rolled out every month. While Data Studio makes it easy to connect […]

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Top 3 New(ish) PPC Features to Increase Your Paid Search ROI

Are you as overwhelmed as I am by the sheer volume of change we all face in the world of paid search? There’s no doubt about it, a lot has been going on with Google Ads – though Bing had a few interesting and helpful announcements themselves. Too often little announcements (and sometimes big ones) will […]

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10 Paid Search & PPC Best Practices for 2019

Another year is quickly approaching. That means now is the perfect time to review current PPC best practices to start improving your performance. There are opportunities to revisit the dependable PPC best practices but even more opportunity to implement new ideas into your program. Get ready to rock PPC in 2019! 1. Review New Features in […]

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2018 Holiday Paid Search Insights: Top Tips & Takeaways

For many retail advertisers, Q4 holiday sales make up a significant amount of the annual revenue. This year, sales are expected to grow 5.1 percent driven by, in part, increases in both online (+14 percent) and in-store sales (+3.5 percent) growth. Such positive predictions should motivate any advertiser to maximize their paid search efforts this […]

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