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Google to Use Machine Learning to Manage Ad Frequency When Cookies Are Missing

Google announced it will soon be using machine learning to manage ad frequency when third-party cookies are missing. This change will first roll out in the coming weeks to Display & Video 360, though Google has plans to bring this capability to its display offerings in Google Ads as well. Google is rolling out this […]

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More Automated Intent Classification Using Deep Learning

My original plan was to cover this topic: “How to Build a Bot to Automate your Mindless Tasks using Python and BigQuery”. I made some slight course changes, but hopefully, the original intention remains the same! The inspiration for this article comes from this tweet from JR Oakes. 🙂 I think I just have the […]

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How to Balance Search Ad Best Practices & Machine Learning Innovation

We sure have many ad options these days. And many of us still rely on the old standard ads because they continue to outperform the new kids on the paid search advertising block. How do you get your arms around this, you wonder, with a scalable strategy that supports broader targeting and testing objectives? To […]

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