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10 of the Best Tools to Get Insights

Social media analytics tools are great. They give you insights into: Who your audience is. What content and tone of voice they resonate with. What you’re doing wrong in your social media marketing. And, hopefully, what you’re doing right. However, collecting data, choosing what metrics to prioritize, and presenting it in a comprehensible and coherent […]

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Google Florida Update 2: What’s Changed? Early Insights & Reaction

Reaction and feedback to Google’s Update Florida 2 is generally more upbeat than negative. A common theme among many in the SEO community is that Update Florida 2 is behaving like a rollback of previous updates. Interestingly, some publishers noted connections to links and their rankings. In the week leading up to this update I […]

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Bilingual Webmaster Hangout is Rich with Insights

  Webmaster Hangouts debuted a bilingual Telugu and English version. I have watched it and was impressed with the quality of information about content that ranks, the so-called medic update and a discussion of soft ranking factors. There is a wealth of quality information  shared. I may be writing more about what’s in that Webmaster […]

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18 Must-See Video Marketing Secrets & Insights

Lights, camera, video. If there is one thing all brands and marketers should be doing regardless of size, budget, audience, industry, country or social network – it’s video marketing. For one, Facebook’s Nicola Mendelsohn predicts that their content will “probably” be “all video” by 2021 and Cisco reports 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic […]

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2018 Holiday Paid Search Insights: Top Tips & Takeaways

For many retail advertisers, Q4 holiday sales make up a significant amount of the annual revenue. This year, sales are expected to grow 5.1 percent driven by, in part, increases in both online (+14 percent) and in-store sales (+3.5 percent) growth. Such positive predictions should motivate any advertiser to maximize their paid search efforts this […]

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