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Google Makes it Easier to Visit Web Pages from Image Search Results

An update to Google Images makes it easier for users to visit the original web page that an image is featured on. This will be helpful to searchers and has the potential to send more traffic to publishers. However, there’s a catch. In order for pages to benefit from this update, they need to be […]

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Google Adds Shareable GIFs to Image Search Results

Google now has a “Share GIFs” section in image search results that lets users immediately share GIFs to different apps. This feature is powered by Google’s own GIF search engine, which has grown considerably since acquiring Tenor last year. According to Google, search interest in GIFs has nearly tripled in recent years: “GIFs have become […]

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Google: Changing Image URLs Will Affect Rankings in Image Search

Google’s John Mueller cautions site owners that a change to image URLs will affect how they rank in image search results. This is particularly relevant to sites that get a lot of traffic from Google Images. Changing an image URL, even though it’s the same image appearing on the same page, will result in Google […]

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Amazon Partners With Getty Images to Bring Image Search to Echo Devices

Amazon is partnering with Getty Images to bring image-based search results to all Echo devices with a screen. With the launch of the Echo Show and Echo Spot, Alexa can now deliver visual content as well as audio content. Amazon will tap into Getty Images library of premium content to deliver images for appropriate searches. […]

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