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Google’s John Mueller Answers if Linking Out Good for SEO

Google launched a new video series that answers a single question. The first episode was about links but in my opinion it did not adequately answer the question. The question is: “Does linking to other websites help or hurt SEO?” The SEO community has thought of outbound links as ranking signals since at least 2002. […]

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Google: A Technically Well-Optimized Site Won’t Rank Without Good Content

Google’s John Mueller reminds site owners that the most technically well-optimized site won’t always have high rankings without great content. This topic came up in a recent Google Webmaster Central hangout where a site owner asked for help with improving their rankings. The site owner mentioned there were no issues with the site, according to […]

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7 Reasons Why Accessibility is Good for SEO and Sales

Accessibility is a factor that has traditionally been on the margins of SEO and web development. There are solid business reasons for why accessibility should be a top consideration. Accessibility can have a positive effect on sales and SEO. Accessibility Should Not Be an Afterthought The recent WordPress 5.0 release brought the issue of accessibility to […]

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