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How to Find Subject Matter Experts Using Slack & Other Web Communities

Whether you are concerned with your E-A-T score, the recent BERT update, real or imaginary “LSI keywords“, or, like me, you are just trying to publish the best damn content on the web, this blog post will teach you about using Slack as a tool to improve your online marketing through finding subject matter experts […]

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Google Makes it Easier to Find Work-From-Home Jobs

Google is making it easier for job searchers in the US to find work-from-home positions. Users can now search for jobs in Google and filter their location to “work from home” to find remote jobs. This filter will help users find jobs that are listed as either “remote,” “work from home,” or “telecommute. Job hunters […]

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Google Updates Travel Searches to Help Users Find Budget-Friendly Options

Google is rolling out new travel search features to help users find better prices on flights and hotels. Price Insights for Flight Searches Google will now display a price insight for most trips, which shows whether the prices you’re seeing are high, typical or low. Price insights will also indicate whether the current price won’t […]

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How to Find Your Orphan Pages

In order for Google and other search engines to index your pages, they need to know they exist and where. This is usually accomplished in one of two ways: The crawler follows a link from another page. The crawler finds the URL listed in your XML sitemap. A page without any links to it is […]

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Find Out If You’re Impacted by Google’s Changes to Exact Match

Exact match hasn’t meant ‘exact’ for quite some time but last week Google announced that they are further expanding the broadening of exact match keywords. Exact match keywords may now also start triggering ads for searches that match the intent of the keyword. ‘Intent’ can cover a pretty wide set of searches with different degrees […]

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