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Google My Business Profiles Will Display Product Catalogs on Desktop and Mobile

In an update to Google My Business profiles, product catalogs will now appear in desktop and mobile search results. Previously, product catalogs would only appear in mobile search results. Now we know this isn’t a mobile-only feature. Product catalogs are a fairly new addition to Google My Business pages, as they were first seen in […]

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Get Google to Display the Right Publication Date in Search Results

Google is reminding site owners how to specify which date is displayed next to a web page in search results. In an article where Google explains how dates are determined, the company lets site owners know there are ways to help Google get it right. How Google Determines Dates Google determines dates using a variety […]

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Google Introduces 3 New Features for Responsive Display Ads

Google is rolling out three new features for responsive display ads that are designed to improve functionality and reporting capabilities. Video Assets Video assets can now be incorporated into responsive display ads. This enhanced functionality also comes an expanded reach to new inventory. With video assets, advertisers can select up to 5 videos from their […]

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