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Google Confirms Cause of Missing GMB Reviews – Will They Ever Come Back?

Google confirmed the cause of missing Google My Business reviews, an issue that may not be resolved any time soon. Several weeks ago SEOs began to notice Google My Business reviews were going missing. In some cases it was only one or two reviews that disappeared, in other cases, all of a business’s reviews vanished. […]

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Google Confirms it Will Show Ads on its Mobile Home Page

Google has introduced a new ad unit that will be displayed on the search engine’s home page in mobile browsers. The new Discovery ads were announced today at Google Marketing Live and will be available to all advertisers later this year. An example is shown above. In addition to appearing in Google’s ‘Discover’ feed in […]

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Google Confirms Testing Pages With Zero Search Results

Google confirmed it’s running a test which involves showing zero search results for queries when no relevant results are found. Instead, Google returns a message stating “Hmm… the results for your search don’t seem very relevant.” The message is followed by a prompt to “see results anyway.” Multiple users have reported seeing this anomaly within […]

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Data Confirms Why March 2019 Update Feels Like a Rollback

Results from marketing data company Sistrix suggests reasons why  Google’s March 2019 Core Algorithm Update feels like a rollback. The data also suggests an explanation of why so many publishers feel like this is a minor update despite event though Google is reported to have said this is one of the biggest updates in years. […]

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