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Moderation Tips to Avoid a Toxic Community

Many Facebook Group administrators are experiencing growth. Without proper moderation, a community can easily slip into becoming toxic. Here are some tips for avoiding common mistakes. I have been moderating communities since 2003, both my own communities as an administrator  and as a moderator at WebmasterWorld.  I have quite a bit of experience with communities, […]

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Google is Shutting Down its Small Business Community Message Board

Google’s “Small Business Community” message board is shutting down, according to an announcement published on January 2nd. The Small Business Community is officially shutting down on January 16th. The announcement states: “Thank you for being a member of the Small Business Community from Google. We’ve enjoyed being on this journey with you and appreciate all […]

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9 Military Veterans Who Now Serve the SEO Community

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a challenging profession because so few people possess all of the character traits necessary for success in this industry. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably already a part of this rare and elite group There is another rare group that also attracts the type of people who posses these […]

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