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The Power of Impression-Based Campaigns to Grow Your Brand

I am a search marketer. I always do keyword research before launching any marketing campaign, I can’t help myself. When I hear that we got press coverage for something, I immediately look to see if we got a link and what page it pointed to. Search is literally in my blood. But, unfortunately, as a […]

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Google Quietly Rolls Out Combined Audience Targeting for Search Campaigns

Advertisers are seeing combined audience targeting for search campaigns in their Google Ads accounts. Although Google has not made a formal announcement, digital marketing consultant Steven Johns noticed the new targeting method in his Google Ads account and shared the news on Twitter on November 13. GOOGLE ADS: *ALERT* …Game Changer…. Anyone guess what this […]

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How to Use the Synergy Between PPC & SEO to Leverage Campaigns

Often, PPC (paid search advertising) and SEO (“free” organic search engine optimization) are treated as separate, opposing channels. Different people might be in charge of each task for the same website, using separate company resources, with divergent objectives. However, this way of looking at PPC and SEO discounts a basic truth. Because of how search […]

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Google Ads’ Universal App Campaigns Are Now Just ‘App Campaigns’

Google is rebranding Universal App Campaigns, which are now known simply as “App campaigns.” Google Ads users will now find app campaigns among the top-level campaign names. This also includes Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and Smart campaigns. With this name change, Google hopes it will lead to more users selecting the right campaign type for […]

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