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Google Begins Using BERT to Generate Top Stories Carousels in Search

Google is now using BERT models, along with other machine learning techniques, to group related news articles together in carousels. The new BERT-generated carousels will appear in the top stories section of Google Search. They’re designed to help people easily find the best articles related to a particular news story. Related: BERT Explained: What You […]

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BERT Explained: What You Need to Know About Google’s New Algorithm

Google’s newest algorithmic update, BERT, helps Google understand natural language better, particularly in conversational search. BERT will impact around 10% of queries. It will also impact organic rankings and featured snippets. So this is no small change! But did you know that BERT is not just any algorithmic update, but also a research paper and […]

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How to Use BERT to Generate Meta Descriptions at Scale

In the last few months, Google has announced two systems that are in production in Google search and are also open source. Anybody can see how they work. Google open-sourcing parts of Google Search is not something you would have considered possible even a year ago. As expected, there is no shortage of ultimate guides […]

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