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Google Assistant to Return More Detailed Search Results on Android

An update to Google Assistant on Android devices will allow it to provide better visual responses and more complete information. When answering queries, Assistant returns a screen that more resembles what you would see in Google search results. Here’s a before & after example of asking Assistant for events in Mountain View: Another new thing […]

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Google Assistant Can Book Rides and Compare Prices of Ride Sharing Services

Google Assistant is now capable of booking rides from many of the most popular ride-sharing services. Currently, supported ride services include: More ride-sharing services will be added in the future, Google says. Users can hail a ride from any device that with Google Assistant, whether it’s an Android phone, iPhone, Google Home, or any other […]

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Google Assistant Gets Redesigned on iOS and Android

Google’s Assistant app has been redesigned on iOS and Android to be equally accommodating for both voice and touch input. Originally designed primarily for voice input when introduced two years ago, Google says nearly half of all interactions with Assistant include both voice and touch. “The new design combines the best of text and talk […]

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