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Google is Working on Adding Package Tracking to Search Results

Google is working on integrating package tracking into search results, allowing users to get information without visiting the carrier’s site. People will be able to enter a tracking number into the Google search bar and find out the status of their order. “People frequently come to Google Search looking to find information on the status […]

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Google is Reportedly Adding Timestamps to YouTube Videos in Search Results

Google has been spotted testing the addition of timestamps for certain types of YouTube videos in search results. The timestamps allow users to jump directly to key moments within the video without having to sit through content they’re not interested in. This video bookmarking feature was first reported by Android Police, who says it appears […]

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Google is Adding Favicons to All Search Results

Google will soon roll out a new look for search results which includes favicons in SERPs. The website name and its favicon will appear at the top of the results card, as shown in the image above. “With this new design, a website’s branding can be front and center, helping you better understand where the […]

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Snapchat Launches a Desktop App for Adding Filters to Streaming Videos

Snapchat has launched a desktop app, called Snap Camera, which lets users add filters to live streams and video chats. Snap Camera is available for Windows and MacOS, and has an extension specifically for streaming on Twitch. People can use Snap Camera as a webcam app, or utilize its features with other video chat services […]

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