social media traffic


Sources for Traffic :

  • Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc
  • Features of this service :

• 100% Adsense safe
• Track able Real Time in Google Analytics
• Target 90% or more only from USA or Multiple Countries with USA.

  • USA + Europe Countries (Such as UK, German, France etc… )
  • USA + Asian Countries (Such as Singapore, Indonesia, India, etc… )
  • USA + American States (Such as Canada, Brazil, Maxico, etc… )
  • USA + African Countries (Such as South africa, Kenya, etc… )
  • USA + Oceania (Such as Australia, New Zealand )
  • You can Target custom sources as you want. Please provide your targeted custom sources in order requirement.
    • It will be best for SEO, SMO and SEM
    • 100% safe from latest Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird
    • You can set to target only MOBILE Traffic or both Desktop and Mobile Traffic.
    • It has good Bounce Rate of Less than 35%, and High Stay Time Duration – Average 1 min+
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