Google is Testing a Way to Add All of a Site’s Subdomains to Search Console

Google Search Console is testing a manner for customers to simply add all knowledge for a website’s subdomains, protocols, and subpaths.

In order to accomplish this, Google has created a new sort of internet property known as a Domain property.

Adding a Domain property to Search Console would additionally add all protocol and subdomain variations for a given area.

“For example, if you define a Domain property as “”, it consists of, any subdomains of (for instance,,,, and so forth), in addition to any subpaths in any of these domains, on each http and https.”

A Domain property incorporates knowledge for all included URLs throughout the whole lifetime of the property, Google notes.

That means customers can not customise a Domain property to embrace the earlier 2 months of knowledge for the first area, however solely the final month of knowledge for a subdomain. It will embrace all out there knowledge by default.

Users will nonetheless give you the option to create separate Search Console properties for domains which might be included in a Domain property if they need to.

Domain properties are at the moment within the experimental stage and out there by invitation solely. Users will probably be contacted through Search Console in the event that they’re chosen to take part.

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