Google Confirms Testing Pages With Zero Search Results

Google confirmed it’s operating a take a look at which entails exhibiting zero search outcomes for queries when no related outcomes are discovered.

Instead, Google returns a message stating “Hmm… the results for your search don’t seem very relevant.”

The message is adopted by a immediate to “see results anyway.”

Multiple customers have reported seeing this anomaly throughout the previous 24 hours. It wasn’t till SEMRush tweeted about it that Google lastly responded.

In response, Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed this can be a restricted experiment which occurs to be “overtriggering” for the time being.

Sullivan additionally mentions it wasn’t Google’s intention for adverts to be displayed on that display screen.

“This is a narrow experiment focused on times when our systems detect there is little relevant content available on the web for the given query. It appears to be overtriggering. We will investigate and adjust, including ensuring ads don’t show by default. That wasn’t intended.”

It can be attention-grabbing to see a operating listing of queries that set off this experiment. I can’t recall many occasions the place I’ve looked for one thing and didn’t see at the least one related end result.

If you run into this experiment, maybe you discover a method to take benefit by creating related content material for queries the place there isn’t any.

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