Google: A Technically Well-Optimized Site Won’t Rank Without Good Content

Google’s John Mueller reminds website house owners that essentially the most technically well-optimized website gained’t all the time have excessive rankings with out nice content material.

This subject got here up in a current Google Webmaster Central hangout the place a website proprietor requested for assist with bettering their rankings.

The website proprietor talked about there have been no points with the location, in line with Google’s instruments, and puzzled what else may very well be completed.

Here’s the query that was requested:

“There are zero issues on our website according to Search Console. We’re providing fast performance in mobile and great UX. I’m not sure what to do to improve rankings.”

Mueller responded by saying this can be a state of affairs that would come up whenever you’re so targeted on technical particulars that you just neglect concerning the larger image.

Just as a result of the whole lot is technically appropriate on a web site doesn’t imply it can rank excessive.

Ultimately, what’s on the location nonetheless must be related to customers.

Fixing technical points could also be essential however, alternatively, what’s on the location needs to be helpful to folks as nicely.

Mueller recommends eager about what points customers are having, and what questions they could be asking.

Then present content material to resolve these points and reply these questions.

Mueller additionally suggests looking for suggestions from different website house owners and SEOs by way of a webmaster discussion board and being open to the suggestions they supply.

Lastly, Mueller says to remember the fact that some niches have stronger competitors than others.

A technically well-optimized website with nice content material will nonetheless face challenges with overcoming competitors who’ve been at it longer.

You can hear the total query and reply under, beginning on the 32:29 mark.

“This is always kind of a tricky situation where you’re working on your website for a while, then sometimes you focus on a lot of the technical details and forget about the bigger picture.

So what I would recommend doing here is taking your website and the queries that you’re looking [to rank] for, and going to one of the webmaster forums.

It could be our webmaster forum, there are lots of other webmaster forums out there where webmasters and SEOs hang out. And sometimes they’ll be able to look at your website and quickly pull out a bunch of issues. Things that you could be focusing on as well.

Sometimes that’s not so easy, but I think having more people look at your website and give you advice, and being open to that advice, I think that’s an important aspect here.

Another thing to keep in mind is that just because something is technically correct doesn’t mean that it’s relevant to users in the search results. That doesn’t mean that it will rank high.

So if you clean up your website, and you fix all of the issues, for example, if your website contains lots of terrible content then it still won’t rank that high.

So you need to, on the one hand, understand which of these technical issues are actually critical for your website to have fixed.

And, on the other hand, you really need to focus on the user aspect as well to find what are issues that users are having, and how can my website help solve those issues. Or help answer those questions.”

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