A Guide to FREE SEO Training Courses

SEO is likely to be daunting; significantly for a small enterprise proprietor or youthful expert merely starting out.

To make points worse, there are tens of thousands and thousands of pages of outdated information, misinformation, or just plain harmful particulars about how to accurately implement an SEO method.

Here’s the good news: there’s larger than enough FREE teaching provides accessible to flip a knowledge-hungry newbie into an SEO expert.

The key, in spite of everything, is to know what’s important after which make investments the time necessary to grasp these points. That doesn’t suggest that you just need to be knowledgeable in plenty of of areas. You merely need to cope with the vital website optimization objects.

What follows are the very best parts for optimizing an web website in 2019 and places to uncover free applications to grasp each.

How to Become an SEO Expert: A Guide to FREE Online SEO Training

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to these actions taken on the internet website or server stage designed to improve search outcomes. More significantly, these actions which impact crawling, indexing and rendering of webpages.

The end intention is to get as many high-value pages listed and ranking as attainable.

Here are some applications and guides that are positive to improve your technical SEO experience:



  • Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide: Google has really written the e book on best practices for on-site optimization. This 32-page data was initially meant to be used as an inside doc, nevertheless was later launched as a webmaster helpful useful resource. Don’t have time to be taught 32 pages? No draw back. Hubspot has printed a two-page, tl;dr mannequin proper right here.
  • Search Engine Optimization for WordPress: With a market share of 33 p.c, it pays to know barely one factor about the perfect practices for optimizing a WordPress website. This knowledge might also are available helpful the next time your SEO plugin breaks.

Content Marketing

“Great content” is no longer an opulent, nevertheless a necessity to assure any measure of pure success.

As definitely considered one of three confirmed Google ranking parts, you greater have a steady understanding of the kind of content material materials that appeals to every clients and the Google algorithm.

These applications and guides will put you on the exact path:


  • The Strategy of Content Marketing: This Coursera course is a partnership between Copyblogger, and UC Davis. Students be taught the best way to plan, arrange, develop and implement a content material materials promoting and advertising method. Equally important, the course teaches school college students how to analyze and measure the effectiveness of a content material materials promoting and advertising advertising marketing campaign.
  • HubSpot Content Marketing Certification: In this course, school college students be taught the best way to implement scalable processes for creating and promoting a content material materials promoting and advertising program that will assemble guests and convert leads.



Schema markup, is a kind of microdata. It creates an enhanced description (a.okay.a., rich snippet), which then appears in search outcomes.

Schema provides added context to an online web page which is likely to be useful to every clients and engines like google. Schema often provides context to an online web page which may in some other case be ambiguous.

It doesn’t appear as if anyone is offering a free course on schema, however there are a selection of useful guides on the topic, along with:


User Intent

Google is working onerous to understand the context of search queries. Their intention is to return search outcomes aligned with searcher intent.

If your website doesn’t conform to Google’s understanding of intent for a selected key phrase, there’s nothing you’re able to do to attain the very best of the SERPs.

For that objective, it’s critically important to convert any guests that you just do deal with to drive to your net web page. The following applications and guides will assist you maximize the ROI on the guests that does come to your website:


  • Learning Conversion Rate Optimization: In this Lynda.com course, issues embody: Debunking CRO myths, determining targets, understanding your goal market, prioritizing pages for optimization, creating check out hypotheses, testing your price proposition, organising exams, and analyzing the outcomes.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Courses: This Hubspot course teaches a system for prompting web company to take a desired movement on a webpage, in order to improve conversions.


Website Speed

Page tempo can affect every guests and conversions.

According to Google, “the average time it takes to fully load a mobile landing page is 22 seconds… yet 53 percent of mobile site visitors leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load.”

In temporary, fast net web page tempo equals individual experience. Slow net web page tempo equals a poor individual experience.

For that objective, Google now makes use of net web page tempo as a ranking concern. If you’ll have a necessity for tempo, check out these applications and guides:



Link Building

Thanks to Google’s Penguin Algorithm and machine learning algorithm (RankBrain), hyperlinks that are every earned and thematically related, carry further weight than ever.

To be clear, I’m referring to the types of hyperlinks that conform to Google webmaster ideas. Not hyperlinks that are acquired or paid for by using diversified hyperlink schemes.

Check out these guides for and applications for worthwhile hyperlink setting up methods


  • SEO Link Building Basics: This Udemy course affords an introduction to hyperlink setting up, specializing in fundamentals and hyperlink prospecting.
  • Backlink Training: This Monitor Backlinks tutorial covers all the fundamentals relating to backlinks, why they’re important, and the best way to assemble them.



Know this: mobile search is native search. Fifty p.c of all mobile searches have a neighborhood intent. Winning at Local SEO requires a singular capability set. Hone your experience by making an attempt out these applications and guides:



User Experience

User experience (UX) is all about understanding clients; their desires, values, abilities, and limitations. Good UX moreover takes into consideration the targets and targets of the enterprise.

The best UX practices improve the usual of an individual’s experience. If you are interested in providing a larger individual experience, then look into:


Guides: A Collection of UX Guides Created by Google for Select Industries

The Takeaway

It will not ever be easier to execute a worthwhile SEO method than it is in the meanwhile. Take good thing about it. Arm your self with the info to succeed. You acquired’t regret it.

Disclaimer: Some of these applications are free, nevertheless contingent upon completion inside a restricted time (trial interval). Others are free, ought to you choose to audit a course and forgo a certificates. Select guides may require submitting an e-mail prior to downloading.

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